Inkbox Tattoo Review Jun 2023 – Tattoos For Now, Not Forever

The coolest thing about tattoos is perhaps their sheer power to etch a memory onto your bare self, making it a part of you forever.

And you get to decide its artistic representation on your skin. Whether you tattoo your arm with a star or a phoenix in a literal sense or to represent something more significant is entirely up to you.

However, if you’re going permanent, it means you’re making a commitment to your thoughts behind getting inked.

Now, although getting a permanent tattoo may seem fun and the things “forever” is made of. What you do have to remember is that they won’t come off with regular water and soap. You’ll have to remove one with a laser removal surgery which can be painful and expensive.

And, it happens so often that when the initial excitement wears off, people might regret their decisions of getting a permanent tattoo to begin with.

So, would you consider covering a bad decision with longer sleeves or thicker concealer?

Worry not! Cause you can just go ahead and get yourself a temporary tattoo that would last up to a couple of weeks at the most. It will give you an idea of what going permanent will be like and let you play with different styles and forms!

And if you’re on this page right now, you’ve probably heard of one of the most popular online temporary tattoo services: inkbox!

Hey, I’m Christina, and today I’m on a mission to tell you all about my personal experiences with inkbox!

Ink Box Review Jun 2023: About the brand

As I’ve already mentioned earlier, inkbox is an online inking portal that offers temporary tattoo services. It was founded by two brothers, Tyler and Braden Handley form Toronto.

This is basically meant for those who are unsure whether to get a tattoo or not, or they are doubtful if a tattoo will look good on them, to begin with.

You could order your own inkbox kit with the preselected stencil. Or, (and this is my favorite part), you could have your own tattoo designed and stenciled for you!

All dyes and pigments used by the brand are organic so that you don’t run the risk of ending with severe reactions from the ink. And, in any way, these temporary tattoos are meant to remain on the surface of your skin without any dermal needling involved.

The inkbox tattoo formula is designed to set into your skin through a 15-minute application process. It is pretty much in tune with how other temporary tattoos generally work.

inkbox mainly hires the services of independent artists all over the States and even encourages its customers to contribute their precious ideas and skills for the development of their brand. It believes in giving back to the national economy and society which is a pretty noble thing to do. This is what builds a foundation of trust for the company and assures us of quality service.

One of the things that I hands-down admire about the brand is that it helps the Darien Initiative in its mission to help and financially uplift the indigenous people of Darien Gap, Panama, making it a recognized face in charitable projects as well.

My Experience with inkbox

Even though I’ve always found the idea of getting inked to be really cool, I’m one of those who is too scared to do it due to the idea of pain and seeing your blood mix with tattoo colors or fainting midway. However, the intense desire to put a memory of my first dog on me had always been something that made me seek out temporary tattoo solutions.

I had begun experimenting almost a year back with temporary inks to see how well these fared and if they really felt and looked like real tattoos or not. Sadly, most of them turned out to be just conventional inks and dyes that washed off within the first three days.

Also, on one instance I’ve had to endure a nasty allergic reaction that had completely thrown me off for the time being.

I was really hooked on henna for a period of time before this as it’s completely natural and safe. Henna is also longer lasting than most of the other kinds of dyes.

But what I’m not a fan of is the bright orange color of henna that just takes a million years to fade out… completely.

It was on a friend’s recommendation that I tried out my first inkbox kit and the result has been quite an awesome one, to say the least!

The steps are very simple to follow, and the website provides you with an elaborate video tutorial that further simplifies the process for you.

Freehand Ink Kit

inkbox also offers you the benefit of drawing freehand tattoos on yourself with their “freehand inks” that come with a precision metal tip for smooth application! You can simply draw your own designs or get one from the available stencils on their website created by their artists.

You can also separately purchase ink tips, design stencils, transfer papers, and even an all-in-one pro kit at a nominal price tag on their website.

Just squeeze and draw whatever you want. Leave for an hour and then wash off. The tattoo should develop within 24-36 hours.

Create your own designs!

And this has truly been the most wonderful part of the service for me personally. If you want a particular design stencil to be made for your temporary tattoo but think you lack the required skills to draw one, inkbox has got you covered on this!

The custom tattoo department for inkbox, also known as “Custom inkbox” provides you the service of customizing your own tattoo design.

All you have to do is browse and select whatever high-quality designs and fonts you want. You can also upload and draw your own patterns or designs.

Thereafter, preview placement and size before you buy, and save your design to edit later.

As soon as your order is processed through to inkbox, they will cut your design out with lasers and ship it to you.

I had done the same to get the tattoo of my beloved dog’s pugmark, where I had to scan and send one of the photographs I had of it. It came out looking brilliant and was delivered quickly with the other essentials in the kit. Couldn’t have asked for more!

What do you get in the inkbox kit?

The inkbox kit comes with all the things required for you to apply your tattoo with. You get the following objects in a single inkbox kit:

  • Instructions
  • Alcohol wipes
  • A pair of black gloves
  • Pre-moistened cloth
  • Tattoo

The things that I really like about the kit are: First, it comes with a proper user manual that makes sure you don’t go wrong with any of the steps during the application process.

Second, I like how they include a pair of gloves for a clean application of the tattoo. It ensures a mess-free application that rules out any possibility of you getting the ink anywhere else on the body apart from the required area.

How does it work?

It works almost like henna where the pigments sink into your skin and change into a darker color. The active compounds in the inkbox pigments are claimed to be naturally derived from the Genipa Americana plant. This plant has been used by the tribes in South America as body adornments and ornamentation purposes for thousands of years.

Even the inkbox tattoo applicators are made from materials approved by the FDA.

How to apply it? (Directions)

To make the procedures even simpler, I’ve included all of the required steps for you to get it right!

It is always a good idea to shave the area you want to ink before you put the tattoo on it.

You can also exfoliate and wash the area well for cleaner skin. Dry it thoroughly before starting off with the application process.

  1. Peel the white tab off to expose the adhesive on the tattoo.
  2. Stick the adhesive part of the inkbox tattoo down on to your skin.
  3. Remove the black tab or layer on the back.
  4. Tear off the corner of the cloth bag and microwave it for 15 seconds without taking the cloth out of the bag.
  5. Take the alcohol wipe and dab it on top of the navy blue fabric square very carefully. Be completely sure to just dab it on the blue fabric and nowhere else, otherwise the ink will smear.
  6. Now, take the cloth bag out of the microwave and remove the cloth from the bag.
  7. Fold the cloth as directed and hold the cloth over the tattoo, pressing down on it as hard as you can for 30 seconds.
  8. Gradually and gently ease pressure and hold it firmly for 15 minutes. DO NOT try to adjust or remove the cloth during this time or else the ink may start severely leaking around the edges!
  9. After 15 minutes, slowly peel the tattoo off in the direction of hair growth, keeping it low and real close to the surface the entire while.
  10. Wait for 5 minutes for the area to dry completely.
  11. Gently wash the area with mild soap and water.
  12. Your tattoo is going to develop within 24-36 hours.

What could’ve been better?

The only thing that I found to be a bit complicated and tricky to manage is the ink contained in the tab. Even though the application itself is easy, managing the position of the tattoo on the required area of the skin and then going on with the wipes and cloth could be difficult to manage, especially if you don’t have an extra pair of helping hands.

Also, this could be problematic if you decided to put the tattoo on a hard-to-reach area such as on the side of the rib cage or anywhere on the back.

At the time of finally peeling away the tab, the tattoo wouldn’t be visible, and it will only develop within the specific hours mentioned previously. This makes it difficult for you to have an idea about how it would eventually pan out.

The tattoos last for around 8-18 days if you take good care of it. Mine, however, lasted up to 16 days on my forearm.

Tips to make your tattoo last longer

  1. Exfoliate, shave and wash thoroughly before applying the tattoo to your skin so that it stays on for long.
  2. Moisturizing and keeping the skin well hydrated can help your tattoo last for a significant period of time. Once the tattoo has developed, use a good moisturizer on it regularly and avoid scrubbing the area.
  3. Salt water could be really abrasive on your skin, so make sure you use a balm or petroleum jelly if you’re going swimming in the sea. However, you could easily shower in regular water as the inkbox ink is waterproof.
  4. Always apply pressure evenly while putting the tattoo on your skin. If you think your tattoo is darkening or fading unevenly, then rub the patches with your thumb until it looks evenly colored. Do not move around while applying the tattoo.
  5. You could apply baby powder to the tattoo or cover the portion before you go to sleep to avoid getting it everywhere on the covers.
  6. Apply petroleum jelly or a balm to the area if you have to shower within 24 hours of application.


Always do a patch test before applying the tattoo. Always! Apply the tattoo ink to a small area on the arm or leg and monitor it for 24-36 hours to see if you get an allergic reaction to the product. Always peel the black tattoo tab slowly and in the mentioned direction to avoid damage to the skin.

If you notice any redness or allergic reaction to the areas, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician. Never use these products on irritated or broken skin. If you’re allergic to metal, do not use the Freehand ink as it comes with a metal tip.


  • Using it on the face, scalp or other sensitive areas
  • Leaving it on the skin for more than 15 minutes
  • Reapplying inkbox over a previous inkbox application
  • Scrubbing the tattoo instead of washing gently

To remove the tattoo faster, exfoliate the area once in a while.

Discounts, programs, and offers

inkbox does extend discounts on bulk purchases. It has a tie-up with StudentsBeans to extend a 15% discount for students. You could also get an affiliate program offer by registering and filling up the company’s online form, available on its website.

Processing and Shipping Times

Most orders will ship within 2-3 business days, while custom tattoo designs will take around 13-20 days to process and ship.

Shipping for standard designs in the US is charged at $3.00 and priorities are charged at $7.50.

Shipping rates for Canada and other international locations may go up to $9.00.


So, this was all about inkbox and its services along with a few tricks you could have up your sleeve to make your inking experience better!

I hope you liked it and are looking forward to trying it out yourselves!

I’ll be back with more of such reviews… till next time!