How to dispose of rocks and dirt?

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When it comes to landscaping, there is no dearth of available options, and you can use rocks, mulch, gravel, or sand.

However, in case you already have a garden or yard full of rocks and are planning to go for a different look, getting rid of the rocks becomes a priority. Alternatively, you may have accumulated rocks and dirt after finishing your yard cleaning project and are wondering what to do with them.

They cannot be disposed of like other waste materials, and their disposal requires careful planning before you can proceed with the landscaping or cleaning project. Fortunately, there are tons of options available for this purpose.

In fact, the number of methods available can make it quite confusing for you. Since each method offers different advantages and disadvantages, we’ve written this guide explaining each method in detail to make things easier.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Challenges Involved In Waste Disposal

Several problems can come up when it comes to removing unwanted material. The first and foremost is that during any landscaping, construction, renovation, or similar project, there are numerous materials that you cannot use. These include unused concrete, clay, rock, soil, or dirt, and such materials often go to waste, so they need to be disposed of properly.

However, it is not possible to remove all of them using a single method. For instance, waste from the garden, such as dead plants, can easily be bagged up and kept aside for disposal. But heavier debris such as bricks, broken concrete, large rocks, or even dirt can pose quite a challenge.

Waste management companies also do not pick up such materials easily, and they cannot be put into a trash can as they will quickly fill it up. Additionally, the weight will make it very difficult to lift the bin to empty it.

So, before starting any landscaping or construction activity, it is highly recommended to look at the options available for getting rid of unwanted debris.

Preliminary Preparations

Once the project is complete, only the debris comprising dirt and rocks remains to be disposed of. However, before you can proceed with the disposal process, you will need to make some preparations.

Separating Rocks And Dirt From Other Debris

Before proceeding with the waste disposal process, the first step is to make sure that the pile of rocks and dirt is free from other wastes. These may include branches and plants, grass, general waste, concrete, bricks, electrical waste, construction, and demolition waste.

If you plan to offer the landscaping rocks to others or send the entire pile to disposal facilities, make sure that it does not contain any contaminants. Similarly, remove any contaminants from the heap of dirt, including sand, gravel, or other household garbage and waste material.

Segregating Different Types Of Rocks

After separating the rocks from other disposable materials that need to be removed, separate the different types of landscaping rocks by building individual piles for each type. For instance, river rocks can be separated from pea gravel, limestone rocks from granite rocks, and so on.

Cleaning The Landscaping Rocks

While regular rocks can easily be disposed of, those for landscaping purposes can be put to use elsewhere. For that purpose, you need to clean the rocks and remove any debris or dirt that might be clinging to the surface.

For example, after removing any grass, soil, or similar materials, just spray some water on the rocks and leave them to dry.

Collecting The Dirt

Once you are finished with the landscaping rocks, make sure to collect the dirt in a pile, making it easier for the junk removal company to pick it up. Also, double-check that sand, clay, gravel, and other contaminants are not present in the heap.

Rocks And Dirt Removal Methods

As mentioned above, several methods are available for disposing of rocks and dirt. However, not all of them are suitable for all situations, and you need to select the one which offers the greatest convenience.

Alternative Uses

Instead of disposing of them, different types of landscaping rocks can be put to various uses. A landscaping rock can be used as a pebble or river rock for flower vases, decorating pavements, and even in interior designs.

Additionally, certain types of rocks, such as mango river rocks, can prevent soil erosion.

Offering Them To Neighbors, Friends, and Family

One of the easiest methods is to offer your landscaping rocks to neighbors. The interested parties will help you remove them quickly, or you can offer the rocks at a community event or homeowner’s association meeting.

Alternatively, you can give them to your friends and family members who might have some use for them.

Donating To A Local Store

Another excellent option would be to donate the landscape rocks to a local thrift store that deals in building and landscaping supplies. It can help you get rid of unwanted rocks pretty quickly while ensuring that you get a reasonable price for them.

Using Classifieds And Advertisements

Craigslist and Freecycle are excellent platforms for classified advertisements where you can find people looking for landscaping rocks and similar material. Contractors, landscapers, and DIY enthusiasts often search for such items on these platforms.

Besides these two, you can post advertisements in other classifieds. By offering the rocks and other materials for free, you can even get the buyer to pick up the items themselves.

Apart from posting classified ads, you can put up advertisements in local newspapers, magazines, or the community bulletin, offering rocks and dirt. But make sure to provide complete details regarding the number of available rocks and dirt when placing ads.

Putting Up A Signpost

Besides placing ads in newspapers and classifieds, there is another easy method of advertising your rocks for sale. Simply put up a sign at the end of your driveway mentioning the materials that you intend to dispose of.

Place the materials at such a location so that they are easily accessible by the interested parties. You can even add a contact number on the sign if required.

In case you are a part of a homeowner’s association, make sure to obtain permission before putting up a sign and placing the materials outside.

Renting A Roll Off Dumpster

A convenient method for disposing of rocks and dirt is to rent a roll-off or construction dumpster. These dumpsters are specially designed for carrying heavy materials in large quantities and can easily be loaded with up to ten tons of material,

Renting a dumpster can save a lot of effort. You can rent it even while the landscaping project is underway and dump the rocks and dirt directly into it. Once it is fully loaded, the company will haul the dumpster away but make sure to follow the guidelines and not exceed the weight limit.

Hiring A Junk Removal Company

Junk removal companies are suitable for disposing of rocks, dirt, and debris. However, when hiring such a company, keep in mind that there is no standard fee, and you will know the charges only after the company sends over a removal truck.

When hiring professional services, you will get the benefit of not having to do any heavy lifting yourself. Just let the company employees know where the material is lying, and they’ll get rid of it as efficiently as possible.

The company will send over team members to estimate the removal cost. You can know the final price based on the weight of the material, and it can become quite expensive in case large quantities need to be removed.

That is why this method is best suited for removing a small quantity of material.

Selling To A Landscaping Company

Hiring a removal company can be quite costly if you have a huge quantity of material waiting to be disposed of. An alternative to this would be to search for local landscaping companies and sell to them.

Such companies accept dirt, rocks, concrete, and other debris in large quantities, which they use in various projects. Besides easily purchasing large amounts of the material, local landscaping companies have the necessary resources, such as pickup trucks, to take it away.

Sell To Local Rock Dealers Or Asphalt And Gravel Companies

If you are unable to sell to a landscaping company, try to contact asphalt or gravel companies or local rock dealers. If the dealers cannot sell off the rocks, such companies can repurpose them into gravel or use them for manufacturing asphalt.

Similarly, you can sell them to construction companies that use rocks in various ways, either directly or as components in other building materials.

Selling To Recycling Companies

Many companies purchase rocks, dirt, debris, and other waste material for the purpose of recycling them. Search online for such companies in your area, and if there are any, you can contact them to sell the material you intend to dispose of.

The company will purchase the rocks, debris, or dirt and then turn them into other materials that can be used in industrial projects.

Dumping In A Local Landfill

In case none of the other options work out for you or are too much of a hassle, you can always take the dirt and rocks to a local landfill.

For that purpose, first, you need to research local landfill spots near you. Before selecting a facility, ensure that it is open to the public and accepts the type of material you plan to dump.

Owning or having access to a pickup truck can make the process of hauling the materials to the landfill much easier. However, be careful not to carry too much weight as that might put a strain on the engine. What’s more, during the loading and unloading process, having some assistance can help speed things up.

Also, consider the cost of fuel, which will increase with the number of trips. Not to mention, some landfills allow free dumping during certain times of the year, while many require a fee. In such cases, the cost will increase with each trip you make.

Overall, this method requires you to have plenty of time on your hands and will require a huge amount of effort.

Final Words

With that, we’ve reached the end of our guide; hopefully, you now know how to dispose of rocks and dirt from your yard or garden efficiently. There are several methods that can be employed, but not all are equally effective in every situation.

Before you opt for a particular method, make sure you consider the various factors specific to your situation. For instance, hiring a waste disposal company may not be the best option if you are unable or unwilling to spend a large amount of money. Similarly, dumping rocks and dirt in a landfill requires considerable effort, but you can dispose of a huge load.

Selecting the appropriate method can help you get rid of unwanted waste material in no time without requiring too much effort or expense. Once the area is cleared of waste material, you can enjoy your freshly constructed or renovated garden in peace.

Need professional help when it comes to rock and dirt disposal? Look for the nearest junk removal services in your neighborhood.

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