Thursday Boot Company Review Jun 2023 – Affordable Yet Premium Quality Leather Apparel

Let’s face it; be it our professional or dating life, looking sleek and stylish is an absolute necessity.

And when it comes to looking stylish, a pair of great looking leather boots can do amazing things!

Ask any fashion expert and they will tell you how important footwear is when it comes to complementing your overall style. They will also tell you how accessorizing correctly can make you appear more confident and stylish.

But alas, most brands grossly overprice their leather products to the point where affording good quality dress shoes can seem like a luxury. It’s almost impossible to find a good pair of dress shoes in the mid-price range that doesn’t start to wear out after a few years.

But worry not, I have the perfect solution for you!

Thursday Boots is a leather apparel manufacturing brand that was founded with the vision of making available premium quality leather shoes and accessories at affordable prices.

So being a fashionista myself, I thought, why not do a review on the brand? And that’s exactly what I did!

Thursday Boot Co Review Jun 2023

Their Products

While Thursday Boots has a wide range of products from shoes to accessories in their collection, they are most widely recognized for their outstanding quality boots.

Personally, I am a huge fan of leather shoes. There is just something really classy about rocking a nice pair of Chelsea boots with a sleek looking denim.  My husband too swears by leather boots and being in the corporate sector, it’s more of a prerequisite for him.

So for this review, I decided to get a pair for my husband and myself. He was actually so impressed with the attractive pricing that he decided to get an additional pair for himself, along with a leather belt and a briefcase.

So thanks to this extravagant splurge, I now have a good lineup of products to review for you guys.

So here it goes!

The Duchess Chelsea Boots for Women

thursday boot chelsea reviewThis was the one that instantly caught my attention as soon as I opened up their website. I am a huge fan of Chelsea boots, and already own two pairs from two pretty popular premium brands.

The Duchess Chelsea Boots by Thursday Boots cost me less than half of what I paid for my other two pairs, and I was so amazed when I compared it’s quality and found it to be much superior!

Featuring a black full-grain leather body, this pair of boots has a full glove leather interior lining along with flexible elastic goring. These are the perfect boots for regular wear, featuring a 1.25″ heel and a comfortable Poron Antimicrobial Shock Absorbing Insole.

It will blend seamlessly with most types of outfits, and it’s easy to dress up or down with these boots. So if you’re looking for good quality, versatile Chelsea Boots without burning a hole in your wallet, this one is just perfect!

The Brown Scout Chukka Boots for Men

Since my husband already has an impressive lineup of formal boots, I figured I might as well gift him something a little more casual. And what better option to go for than a pair of classy brown Chukka boots!

Chukkas blend the best of classic British style with our American aesthetics to bring forth an extremely versatile and durable footwear option that you can wear with a wide array of outfits.

These shoes by Thursday Boots are genuinely some of the best I’ve seen in a long time, featuring an extremely attractive brown Thursday Chrome leather. The Stitchout Construction on these boots lends a nice touch of casualness to them, while the premium round waxed cotton laces and the studded rubber outsoles keep things classy.

Coming at a price so surprisingly affordable, its quality is unmatched in its price range!

The Captain Lace-up Boots for Men (Black)

thursday boots captain reviewDespite his rather extensive collection of lace-up boots, my husband decided to add yet another one to his collection. And I must say, this was a good buy.

The Captain Lace-Up Boots by the company is one of the best quality premium boots that you’ll find in a sub-$200 price range. It features a body made of Thursday Chrome leather, with a ton of different color options to suit your taste.

It also has a Goodyear Welt Construction which is extremely durable and works magnificently for regular use. It comes with a full glove leather interior lining and studded rubber outsoles that are sure to catch a lot of eyes!

Brown Original Belt by Thursday Boots

A belt can make or break your appearance when it comes to dressing formal, and with this one, you are guaranteed to look dashing!

The Brown Original Belt by Thursday Boots is a classic example of how a good formal belt should be – clean and simple! It features a minimalist single-prong design along with a square silver alloy buckle that goes nicely with the hand stitched trim.

A leather belt of this quality would usually cost you upwards of $100, but thanks to Thursday Boots, you can get it for a significantly lesser price!

The Brown Continental Briefcase

Coming last in our review of Thursday Boots’ products is the Brown Continental Briefcase that my husband has absolutely been hyped about.

Leather briefcases are usually pretty expensive, often coming with price tags of over $500. But with Thursday Boots, you get the same quality but at nearly half the price.

This leather briefcase features a highly durable brown Thursday Chrome leather body, along with a removable shoulder strap and reinforced bottoms. Durability goes hand in hand with aesthetics in these briefcases as the solid nickel hardware, and handcrafted design is a treat for the eyes!

My User Experience: Outstanding quality at extremely competitive prices

With my years of experience of being an avid online shopper, I have bought from countless different online fashion portals, but only a handful of them end up becoming my regular go-to!

Thursday Boots is definitely an online shopping brand that I plan on buying from whenever I need a nice pair of boots without having to shell out a fortune.

That’s the most highlighting quality of this fashion portal; they provide some surprisingly good quality leather apparel at prices that are nearly half of what most retail brands would charge you.

They are able to do this by cutting out middlemen and adopting a direct marketing structure that cuts down on costs by a considerable margin.

Apart from great quality products and competitive prices, the online shopping experience on their website was also pretty great. Their website has a relatively simple layout that looks clean and organized.

Unlike a lot of online fashion portals I’ve used over the years, Thursday Boots have their products nicely organized on their website. Every single product comes with a detailed description of its features, along with a list of all the specifications that you’d want to know before making your purchase.

Shipping is free to anywhere within the United States, and they are pretty fast when it comes to delivery as well. Their exchange policy is also fairly simple, allowing you to return or exchange your order free of cost as long as you’re within the US. International customers, however, have to pay additional shipping fees.

Overall, shopping with Thursday Boots was an enjoyable experience!

Some aspects which Thursday Boots can improve on

While I did not face any issues with the shopping experience, I did, however, have quite a lot of difficulties with their customer support.

My husband had initially ordered a “Black Original Belt” by the company but later decided to go for a brown one instead. Naturally, we had some queries regarding their exchange policy and decided to contact their customer support. But we were pretty disappointed when we found out they don’t even have a number to call up their support team.

All we could do was send them a mail on the “Contact Us” page of their website, and it took them almost three days to respond. That was indeed an unpleasant experience for us.


  • A vast collection of shoes to choose from. You can get a pair to suit almost every type of style statement
  • Very affordable pricing. Cutting out middlemen and an efficient business strategy allows them to deliver premium quality products at very competitive prices
  • Stunning quality and durability. All of their products that we tested were brilliant when it comes to quality
  • Efficient return and exchange policy
  • You can also buy electronic gift cards if you wish to gift their products to a friend


  • Bad customer support. They do not have an official contact number at which you can call in case you have queries. Your only option is email
  • Their product packaging can be improved

Final Thoughts

Thursday Boots is one of the most affordable yet premium quality leather apparel brands that I’ve encountered in recent times. They have a big collection for both men and women, and all their products stand out the test when it comes to durability.

So if you are looking for a good pair of fashionable dress shoes to gift yourself but don’t want to pointlessly spend extra money for the so-called “big” brands, Thursday Boots has everything you need!

Hope you like my review, and we wish you a happy shopping experience!